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So, I finally decided to jump on this blog bandwagon.  As a recent college graduate who has an unhealthy love of school and intellectual analysis, I’ve been feeling very frustrated at being unable to write as much as I did at Mount Holyoke.  Whenever I tell people about the films, plays, television or books I’ve encountered, I tend to rant and go on at length, sharing my every thought and impression of the piece.  I’m not sure if this is tedious for my friends or enlightening, but I feel that I should translate that fervor into writing again.  My pieces on here will be rather informal hybrids of criticism and analysis, which is how I approach most topics.

An explanation of the title: In an episode of one of my favorite TV shows, Alan Ball’s “Six Feet Under,” a throwaway character tells the children around him, “Every day you must dance, if only in your mind.”  I instantly adored this quote; I try to remind myself to enjoy life every day, as cheesy as that sounds.  Dancing without reservation is one of the truest expressions of inner happiness and, for me, thinking analytically and critically about subjects I love can become a kind of mental dance. Hence, the title of my new blog.  Please comment if you enjoy any of my pieces, or if you take issue with any of my points.  I always appreciate intellectual argument and criticism and am happy to hear your thoughts.

~ Diana

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